LPS students learn concussion science from UNL expert

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – In recent years, concussions, and their effects, have been a hot topic for parents and coaches of kids in contact sports. Growing awareness is one reason why Lincoln Public Schools wants to make sure students understand the potential dangers of head trauma.

Karen Covil is the head of the Science Department at North Star High School and wanted to make sure her students got the full picture of concussion science by bringing in a UNL scientist to speak on the topic.

“These are things that we as teachers are always looking for help with,” said Covil. “So kids being exposed to potential careers, and what actual scientists do in the real world is really important.”

Dr. Doug Schultz is an associate research professor at UNL and works for the center for brain, biology and behavior. He says concussion numbers have been increasing, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“If you look at how many concussions happen over time, it seems like it’s going up, but I think that’s largely due to education,” said Schultz. “People are aware they’re having a concussion and reporting it.”

Concussion research and understanding the severity of concussions have drastically evolved in the past 15 years, leading to concussion protocols being set. Such as LPS’s “When in doubt, sit ‘em out.”


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