7 Signs That Prove You Need to Break Up

Your relationship is dying and there are a few reasons that may prove it’s time you broke up with your current partner. Even after a few years of life together people may understand that they are not meant to be with each other.


It is frustrating and painful to realize but life is life and you should be ready for such an unpleasant ending.

1. Your values differ

A couple that has clashing values won’t be happy. Sooner or later such partner will fall apart. People build a relationship when they plan to stay together for life and when they do not value the same stuff, they have lots of arguments.

2. You cheat

We hate cheating. No one wants to be with a cheater and we feel ashamed of cheating on our partners. This does happen a lot and couples who are not faithful to each other split – living with a liar is unbearable and humiliating. Either stop it or leave each other and start a new life on your own or with someone you won’t feel like cheating on.

3. You are no longer close

Partners may grow apart. There are a few reasons why this happens. Analyze what made you strangers and why you do not feel close to each other. Maybe this is something natural. We change and after five years of living together you may have changed, your values have become different and now your interests are too different from those of your significant other.

4. Your personalities do not click

Being completely different from each other is not a very good thing if we are talking about family bonds. You need to have plenty of things in common in order to understand each other. It may feel exotic at first, but later on you realize that there is too much contrast and drama between the two of you.

5. You do not think it’s worth putting effort into the relationship

A drifting relationship is not productive or successful. You can change it all for the better. Simply put effort into your relationship and tell your partner that you expect the same back in return. If you are the only person who is trying to make things work out the right way, then the other person is not really dedicated enough.

6. Unhealthy arguing

Do not create a toxic environment between you and your partner. Arguing will ruin your relationship if there is a lack of communication. Talk to each other more often and discuss issues. Resolve your problems together and try to provide support rather than criticism. Stay constructive and inspiring. Control your emotions and ego during conversations.

7. Do not break trust

Be careful and make sure that trust is not broken. Your relationship will be strong only if you trust each other. You need someone to rely on. You are with the wrong type of partner if you know that you can be cheated on or lied to. White lies are still lies so do not ignore them either.

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