9 Reasons Why It’s Time for You to Leave Your Woman

What is your destiny? And who is your future long-term partner? You may now be living with someone who is not supposed to be part of your life. If you wish to find out how compatible you are with your woman, read the article below to see some of the reasons why it might be the right time for you to leave your girlfriend and move on.

Here are the most common signs that tell you are dating the wrong person.

1. Your woman is not willing to make enough time for you

People who can compromise and adjust their schedule live in a happy relationship. Partners should always do all possible to make enough time for each other. If your partner does not seem to be willing to adjust her schedule for you, then it is a bad sign.

2. Your woman is not ready to compromise

It’s not ok if you are the only person who is ready to compromise. Your relationship involves two people and if there is only one partner who is ready to invest themselves, then your relationship is doomed. You need to act as a team.

3. Your woman is glued to her mobile whenever you’re together

As a matter of fact, it is humiliating to realize that some social media matters more than your personality. Your woman may spend too much time on Twitter or Facebook. Whether it is your fault or not, the truth is that this sort of habit is not normal.

4. Your woman doesn’t mind you flirting with other girls

How jealous is your partner when you start flirting with you? If she stays indifferent to how you behave when you are surrounded by other girls, the this is a sign she is indifferent to you.

5. You feel that your woman hates to spend time together

She feels annoyed when you are around. You know that she does not feel fine with you and finds various reasons to stay on her own or someone else rather than you. You feel guilty that your presence irritates her.

6. Your woman frequently talks about other men

If your girlfriends often mentioned other guys in your conversations, then her mind is focused on someone else. You are not the one she needs and she openly demonstrates it. She might know that you feel terrible when you hear her speak about another man yet she ignores your feelings.

7. Your woman does not want anyone else to know you are her man

Your relationship cannot be secret unless both of you agree that’s how it should be. It is very hard to hide a person who has already become your partner. If your girl does not want to reveal your relationship, she is probably not serious and she has no intention to stay with you for long.

8. Your woman is not willing to change her status

Your partner might be found on many different social media. However, whenever you check her status you see that her status there is ‘single’. If a woman is in a relationship with someone she loves and appreciates, she is very likely to declare her status and let the world know that she is not single at the moment.

9. Your woman never feels sorry for the mistakes she makes

How ready is your woman to apologize to you? If she does something wrong to you yet does not feel guilty, it means she is absolutely indifferent to your opinion, thoughts and feelings. This is rude and abusive. You cannot stay with a person who does not care about you at all.

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