9 Dog Breeds Whose Cuteness Will Make Your Smile


Some of the smallest dog breeds are the cutest dogs breeds ever! Your tiny pet will put a smile on your face. Do not worry – small dogs are as brave, dedicated and loving as their bigger fellows.

If you are in search of a small dog breed to keep at home, we suggest you should consider the following breeds:

1. Pug

There is hardly any other dog breed that can compare to pugs in cuteness. This species attracts all people’s attention so be prepared to stop every now and then each time you go out to walk your pet. Pugs bring smiles on people’s faces and improve their mood. You will instantly fall in love with their cute faces and kind nature.

2. Papillon

Not only does this breed look cute. The dog is highly active and loves being outside playing with its owner. Papillons are really smart and exceptionally agile. They are keen on leaning new tricks and never get bored of different tasks. If you are looking for a loyal furry friend, you should definitely consider the Papillon.

3. Pomeranian

We are sure that you will admit that Pomeranians are incredibly cute, too. This species is adorable indeed. However, besides being an attractive breed, this dog has a great character. Pomeranians are agile and love being around people. They are kind to all family members. Also, these dogs are wonderful companions. At times you’ll find your dog a bit arrogant.

4. Bichon Frise

If you are in search of a charismatic dog breed, then you might be interested in Bichon Frises. When you see these little creatures, it’s too hard to resist touching the fluffy puppies. Luckily, the dog is hypoallergenic – you will never experience any health issues like allergies. The dog has a playful and joyful nature.

5. Lhasa Apso

Another small dog breed that we couldn’t help mentioning is the Lhasa Apso. It is tiny but brave enough to be your guard dog. If you have a bigger dog, your Lhasa Apso will become a great assistant – your dogs will protect your property and won’t let strangers enter the territory. The breed is not aggressive at all and is always ready to share its love with the owners.

6. Japanese Chin

Guess which out of the numerous dog breeds is the most aristocratic? Well, that’s the Japanese Chin. This regal looking dog is a great pet. Their character is cheerful and friendly. They have silky fur, but it may take some time and patience for you to keep that beauty. If you do not mind taking care of your Japanese Chin, then this breed is for you.

7. Havanese

In Cuba they take pride in a special dog breed called Havanese. This species of dogs is small yet smarts and really friendly. It’s full of cuteness and charm. The Havanese loves being active – your pet is always ready to help you work out and get in better shape! Havanese dogs are fantastic companions and they enjoy being around people.

8. Russian Toy Terrier

One of the tiniest dog breeds on the planet is called Russian Toy Terrier. Its closest relative comes from England from which the breed takes its roots. This dog breed is friendly and loves children as well as other pets. Consider the Russian Toy Terrier if you have kids and cats.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

It seems that the smaller the dog is, the larger personality it has. One of such examples is the Yorkshire Terrier. This breed is playful and so bouncy. They are full of love and agility. You can do sports and play with your pet since they love being active. Their fur is smooth and silky. If you do not mind grooming your furry friend, consider owning a Yorkie.

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