6 Tips to Teach You to Say No Instead of Yes

6 Tips to Teach You to Say No Instead of Yes

Transform your personality and your life will transform too. You will start experiencing new emotions and events if you learn to say ‘no when it is needed. Saying ‘yes’ all the time is not a must. You weren’t born to make everyone else happy. Your life belongs to you.

1. What does your obligation detector show

You obligation meter needs fixing if you say ‘yes’ when you should say ‘no’. There are some certain things you must do, but some things you do are not your responsibility. Learn to identify what is important and cannot be put aside and the stuff that can wait. Take better care of your desires and needs and let others understand that your time is precious and tell them that they should respect that.

2. Missing out is not a tragedy at all

Resist the fear of FOMO. You should fight your fears and phobias. They won’t let you feel free. One of the most common fears is the fear of missing out. And you may be suffering from this habit without realizing that you have it. FOMO may occur at home and work, social and personal life. Make sure that you say ‘yes’ at work because personally you need and want it. If you do it to satisfy your employer or colleague, then this is just your fear.

3. The consequences of saying ‘no’

You need to know the consequences. In some instances it does not pay off to say ‘no’. However, there are cases when you can say ‘no’ without any risk. You will simply save time and make yourself feel better. No doubt others will feel disappointed, but you have the right to make your own desires and wishes your priority. You cannot make others happy all the time.

6 Tips to Teach You to Say No Instead of Yes The consequences of saying no

4. Think well before you make your final decision

When someone sends you a request, we suggest you should first sit on it and only then make your final decision. Sometimes requests may seem to be reasonable and simple at first sight. However, after some time you realize that they do not make too much sense and that saying ‘yes’ is useless. It’s ok if you eventually decide to say ‘no’. There is no need to give an instant answer.

6 Tips to Teach You to Say No Instead of Yes Think well before you make your final decision

5. Say ‘no’ in a polite and kind way

You will be better understood by people if you express your thoughts with transparency and kindness. Communication matters a lot and we often can say ‘no’ in a way that will not offend or disappoint the person who sends you a request. Never ignore requests because if you do not pay attention to people who ask for help, advice or assistance, you will insult them. Do not ruin good relationships, contacts and friendships. Be polite and very kind when you say ‘no’. Explain why you cannot do this or that. Do not make empty promises and tell the person that you would hate to let them down by not keeping it in case you do not manage to accomplish the task.

6 Tips to Teach You to Say No Instead of Yes Say no in a polite and kind way

6. Your ‘no’ can be modified

Modify your ‘no’ and consider how to use it. For example, your answer to a person’s request can be negative even if you say ‘yes, however…’. You will then let the person know that you do not guarantee a 100% success and that they should not completely rely on you. Your ‘no’ is modified. Instead of a simple ‘no’ you say ‘yes but…’ which means you are not ready to be fully responsible for the final result.

6 Tips to Teach You to Say No Instead of Yes Your no can be modified


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